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Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 15:54:42 PDT 2008

Lee Jordan wrote:

> I can imagine in the future a super travel search engine, which will
> know where your local airport is and thread through holiday deals with
> flights going from your locality.

For that you'd need to mark up more than just airport codes. You'd  
need to know whether the flight was *from* the airport or *to* the  
airport. You'd probably want to know the price, the date and time,  
perhaps the airline, and the contact details for buying a ticket.  
Basically you'd need a microformat for marking up a transport ticket  
that is for sale. The existing hListing microformat will get you half  
way there - you'd just need to add some transport-specific properties.

I wouldn't restrict it to airports if I were you - journeys by sea,  
road and rail should be easy to cover too. UN/LOCODE provides a good  
place to start with for standardised alphanumeric location codes.

> I'm thinking of marking up ABTA and ATOL logos with some kind of mF,
> perhaps in the alt text of a logo, accessibility wise you'd need to
> put the ABTA number from the logo into the alt text something because
> of the text being in the image like < img src="logos/abta.png"
> class="accreditation abta" alt="v4563" />

You should start with hCard and see if it is sufficient for your  
needs. Only if there's something useful that you can't do with hCard  
should you consider extending it.

<div class="vcard">
	<span class="fn org">My Travel Agency</span>
	<img class="note" src="logos/abta.png" alt="ABTA accreditation v4563.">

Toby A Inkster
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