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Fri Aug 8 01:53:57 PDT 2008

Hi Sam,
(x)html doesn't support psuedo attribute names as of yet. So,
major="1" and minor="0" cannot be used!
Instead, I propose the following, with some additions to your proposal.

<div class="hsoftware">
  Name: <span class="name">jQuery</span>
  Version: <span class="version">1.0</span>
  Type: <span class="type">JavaScript</span>

On 8/7/08, Samuel Richter <mephtu at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am submitting this again, because I have had some problems receiving mail
> from the mailing list.
> What about a version microformat.  Something like this:
>  <span class="version" major="1" minor="0">Version 1.0</span>,
> for
> tagging versioned files.  Keeping software up to date can be a major
> hassle.  By placing version information on download websites, this
> process can be automated.  Please respond.
> -Sam
> http://www.xmlhellco.com
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