[uf-new] New uF: Version

Scott Reynen scott at makedatamakesense.com
Fri Aug 8 06:19:50 PDT 2008

On [Aug 7], at [ Aug 7] 5:03 , Samuel Richter wrote:

> What about a version microformat.  Something like this:


> for tagging versioned files.  Keeping software up to date can be a  
> major
> hassle.  By placing version information on download websites, this
> process can be automated.  Please respond.

Let's talk about the general concept first.  If it seems worth  
pursuing, we'll get into markup later.

I guess I'm not yet convinced by your use case here.  An application  
would periodically reload the web page for each application to see if  
it's been updated?  How would the appropriate web pages be  
identified?  Maybe you could walk us through the entire process of how  
you see this working?  And how would this system compare to existing  
software update systems?  Most of the software I use already checks  
for automatic updates.

Also, do you have any additional use cases in mind for this?

Scott Reynen

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