[uf-new] Namespace anti-pattern and hAudio TITLE

Walter Logeman walter at psybernet.co.nz
Mon Feb 4 19:13:40 PST 2008

Hi all,

I am jumping in, new here, new to microformats, looking for a solution 
to a problem, but more on that later.

This thread has helped me understand a few things, though I would not 
want to have endless debates about the meta-language used.

People mean different things by "namespace", as they do with God. 
Just because someone has defined it formally that does not mean there 
is no debate, but I think I know more about the varieties of use here.


Do I have this right then,

within hAudio it would be possible to have "title" or "fn"?  I'd 
prefer "title", it makes more intuitive sense to me.  Would there also 
be tag name for "file name"?  fn could get confusing ...

> What if the page includes profiles for hAudio *and* hCard?


I am a total newby, I just looked at my hCard thinking there would be 
a <div class="hCard">, but no it is <div class="vcard">  ???

So does every microformat, regardless of the "context" need to be unique?

I am hoping to mix hCard, xfn and "hArt" if it were there, I saw a 
start on it?  I will start some new threads.


PS I have a question in the last post on my blog re xfn, would love 
some comment.

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