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Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Sat Nov 15 13:34:45 PST 2008

David Janes wrote:

> I like the nested replies - i.e. the concept of an Entry Replies
> element, which could be physically represented as  "hfeed replies".
> I don't see the benefit in the later format

The advantage of the flattened formats is that all the comments,  
regardless of how many levels of nesting are used, remain within the  
same hfeed.

> If you're interested in showing the relationship between "a comment"
> and what-is-being-commented-on, I opened every single example in
> comment-examples [2] and every single one (excepting Haloscan, which
> seem to be utterly isolated from posting context) uses document
> structure to show the relationship. None that I noticed had a A.href
> link that a "rel-in-reply-to" could be hung on to.

Slashdot has links from comments to the "Parent" comment. So does  
Reddit. Twitter has (off-page) links from responses to the status  
update they are in response to.

Whatsmore, many blog posts themselves are in fact replies to blog  
posts on other sites. rel="in-reply-to" is also useful for that  

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