[uf-new] hAudio 1.0 Draft Release

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 19:24:15 PDT 2008

Scott Reynen wrote:
> On [Oct 15], at [ Oct 15] 2:58 , Martin McEvoy wrote:
>> None of the proposed removals are issues, I am simply applying the 
>> 80/20 rule to the existing schema using the Microformats Process
> If the 80/20 principle (not rule) hasn't been applied appropriately, 
> that's an issue.

How exactly has the 80/20 principle being used appropriately

What is appropriate the remaining properties in the 1.0 version of 
hAudio occur  at least 70% of the time in the audio examples pages.

70% is  appropriate I think,  this is because too many of the discovered 
properties fell between 70% and 80% mark, there would be almost nothing 
left of haudio if had applied the 80/20 principle.
>> I am not being unfair in any way
> I'm not saying you're being unfair; I'm saying you're being 
> unproductive.  

Quite the opposite I think the proposal is highly productive...

> You're wasting your own time just as much as anyone else's by 
> presenting a full schema revision without discussion of the issues 
> that prompted it.  As we're now witnessing, that discussion is going 
> to happen either way, but it will happen a lot smoother if everyone is 
> talking about the same issue from the beginning.
>> I would just like to move the haudio  forward to being something 
>> publishers can use with confidence and understanding, in the end we 
>> will have a more stable format
> As would everyone.  You can't do that alone, so you need to clearly 
> explain your concerns to everyone else.  And that's what issues are for.
Scott this Is not an ISSUE, Its simply part of the final hAudio process, 
nothing more when exactly should I apply *some* principles to this 
process?, there haven't really been any yet haudio seems to keep growing 
every time someone wants to tack a new property to haudio, when does it 
end Scott Where do we say enough, right at the end when haudio is 
finally a Draft proposal?

>> I am sorry seem to have upset one or two people with my recommendations
> You certainly haven't upset me with your recommendations.  I suspect I 
> agree with many of them.  But I won't know that until you clearly 
> explain them.  Whether or not we call such explanations "issues" is 
> beside the point.  The point is to describe the problem before 
> recommending a solution, to avoid the sort of talking in circles we're 
> seeing here.
No changes have been made yet we are just discussing the proposals here 
and now, then I wont have to tack more issues to haudio, like haudio is 
more like boiling the oceans than paving the cow paths..etc..etc.

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