[uf-new] hAudio 1.0 Draft Release

Scott Reynen scott at makedatamakesense.com
Wed Oct 15 15:19:11 PDT 2008

On [Oct 15], at [ Oct 15] 2:58 , Martin McEvoy wrote:

> None of the proposed removals are issues, I am simply applying the  
> 80/20 rule to the existing schema using the Microformats Process

If the 80/20 principle (not rule) hasn't been applied appropriately,  
that's an issue.

> I am not being unfair in any way

I'm not saying you're being unfair; I'm saying you're being  
unproductive.  You're wasting your own time just as much as anyone  
else's by presenting a full schema revision without discussion of the  
issues that prompted it.  As we're now witnessing, that discussion is  
going to happen either way, but it will happen a lot smoother if  
everyone is talking about the same issue from the beginning.

> I would just like to move the haudio  forward to being something  
> publishers can use with confidence and understanding, in the end we  
> will have a more stable format

As would everyone.  You can't do that alone, so you need to clearly  
explain your concerns to everyone else.  And that's what issues are for.

> I am sorry seem to have upset one or two people with my  
> recommendations

You certainly haven't upset me with your recommendations.  I suspect I  
agree with many of them.  But I won't know that until you clearly  
explain them.  Whether or not we call such explanations "issues" is  
beside the point.  The point is to describe the problem before  
recommending a solution, to avoid the sort of talking in circles we're  
seeing here.

Scott Reynen

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