[uf-new] A Download Microformat

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Mon Oct 20 13:29:46 PDT 2008

Hello Scott..

Scott Reynen wrote:
> On [Oct 20], at [ Oct 20] 12:33 , Martin McEvoy wrote:
>> For me hAudio still didn't answer the question about an Audio 
>> Download itself (the file)
> I'm not clear on what problem you're trying to solve here; what 
> exactly do you mean by "the question about an Audio Download"?

The file itself the MP3 not the meta-data surrounding the File

> And how, specifically, does hAtom's existing enclosure markup fall 
> short of answering it?

Nothing at all, accept hAtom does not support "enclosure" which I am 
sure you are aware of..
> I think you're getting ahead of yourself in talking about markup 
> before you've defined the problem.  
so you say...

> I know you're familiar with the process [1], but I really don't think 
> you're following it here.
> [1] http://microformats.org/wiki/process
Don't Patronise me Scott that is beneath you I think, and also not the 
way to get my attention

Concerning the Process,

My website Is Posh
I do use Existing Microformats
I advocate, and Promote the use of Microformats
I have perused the development of other microformats and existing 
A real world Problem, My study is derived from 40 of more examples that 
I have worked extensively on.
A  download  is the simplest problem concerning audio
I still have an issue rel="enclosure" is not enough to describe my 
problem., sorry about that!

I am proposing a microformat, It doesnt exist yet....Just Talking

If you want to express some genuine concern , or help in some way, 
please do ,
I still dont understand what particular points of the process you think 
I have missed

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Martin McEvoy


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