[uf-new] hProduct issues HP1-HP7

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Feb 18 17:42:17 PST 2009

Great start on a product microformat Paul,

Martin McEvoy wrote:
> + 1 from me on all  issues HP1-HP7
> To be honest one of the issues highlighted by Manu,  the "p-v" 
> property I don't quite understand ... what does it "mean" ?  the lack 
> of examples and data concerns me too sorry.

OK I do understand  "p-v"  "property" - "value" what I don't understand 
is how I am supposed to use it?.....

<h5 class="p-v">by <span class="property artist">Tenacious D</span></h5>

why doesn't this work?

 <h5 class="vcard">by <span class="fn>Tenacious D</span></h5>


<li class="p-v"><span class="property">Released</span>: <span 
class="value"><abbr title="2006-11-14T12:00:01-05:00">November 14, 


see: http://microformats.org/wiki/datetime-design-pattern

<abbr class="released" title="2006-11-14T12:00:01-05:00">November 14, 

looks better?

see http://microformats.org/wiki/hproduct#Examples_in_Production for example

Also the example is a bit complex  how about some minimal markup first? 
it might help us all get a grip of the basics first.

I think a product microformat is a good idea but you have to think a 
little more micro, which is simple, minimal and only covers the most 
commonly used properties occurring 80% or more of the time based on 
solid examples that illustrate your problem precisely. Once you have 
worked out what that is ask yourself has any of this been done before? 
no! that doesn't mean with just microformats Manu is the key developer 
of haudio and ended up finding that what he wanted to do would be much 
more practical in RDFa  it sounds a bit off putting but look elsewhere 
FIRST ...still not happy then we can talk about a microformat.

have a look at http://microformats.org/wiki/principles
and http://microformats.org/wiki/process

understand them (I'm not saying you don't) they offer some really good 
guidance on what to do next.

Best wishes.

Martin McEvoy


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