[uf-new] Microformats support for pagination

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 06:10:06 PST 2009

On 1/14/09, André Luís <andr3.pt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with repetitions? I've
>  tried parsing several pages of several websites and some of them used
>  rel-tags on tagclouds... these would be present on every page (sidebar
>  of blog) thus rendering the data kinda useless.

--- do you have a real world example of where this would be a problem?
The old technorati kitchen crawled the web and allowed you to search
it. Having repetitions actually allowed for a nice merging of the

>  Should/can we create guidelines for producers AND parsers alike on how
>  to deal with this? Like adding site-wide unique id's to the root
>  elements? Or is this out of the scope of microformats altogether?

--- again, this would depend on the format in question. The existance
of multiple events with the same timestamp and name could be used to
merge data, UIDs and URLs could be as well, but everything could be

But this isn´t unique to microformats, other semantic technologies
would have this issue as well. There was talk of a rel-canonical
awhile ago, but it wasn't big enough a problem to pursue.

If you have an example we could work through it.


brian suda

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