[uf-new] Microformats for hidden data

Fiann O'Hagan fianno at jshub.org
Thu Nov 26 09:33:27 PST 2009

Hi Toby

> Have you considered using RDFa? This is a set of XHTML attributes which
> brings the RDF data model to XHTML. (Many parsers also support "tag
> soup" HTML too.)

My understanding of RDFa is that it's not possible to include in valid
XHTML 1.0 and that in any case there are problems with serving pages
with an XML mimetype rather than text/html.

Do you have any real-world examples of RDFa being published? I can see
you have created a parser, but I am not aware of many examples outside
of the W3 site.

I'm interested in RDFa but I do find the arguments in Tantek's mail
from this list quite compelling

I'd be interested to know if anything has changed in the last 3 years.


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