[uf-rest] Instance/Collection URL conventions

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 16 09:21:03 PST 2005

On 11/16/05 9:07 AM, "David Heinemeier Hansson" <david at loudthinking.com>

>> Be careful about being prematurely concerned about this.
>> As long as there is sufficient structure, CSS definitely solves the
>> 80/20
>> presentation/formatting problems.  Doing "it all" should be a non-
>> goal.
>> Go with that assumption until proven otherwise.
> Aight, let me state it otherwise. Best design trumps can-be-used-for-
> microformats in my organization.

Allow me to strongly agree with you.

Best user-experience trumps *any* technological underpinnings.  Period.

Design is definitely a component of that user-experience.  And microformats
are certainly one possible technological underpinning.

> That is certainly not true for all
> organizations.

One of the reasons that "humans first" is a microformats principle is
precisely so that microformats, as an organization, accepts such comparisons
as the one you made, because far too often programmers and other engineer
types bias themselves more towards technology than humanity.

> But at this point in time, microformats is a neat and
> potentially very cool thing in the future for us.

That's great to hear David.  Like I said, very happy to have you here.

> Where as the great
> design today is real.


> But I'm fine with working under the assumption that CSS can do the
> job as an intellectual exercise for exploring this more.

Thanks.  This is the right approach IMHO.

I want to emphasize that many times I have heard people say "That's
impossible with CSS" or, "I really need <table>s to do this design".

In nearly every case such assertions have been proven wrong by example.

Not necessarily instantly, but overtime this has been the case.

The CSS Zen Garden helped *tremendously* to make this clear in full color
glory.  Many other sites have developed CSS techniques that make it *easy*
to do in CSS what past (old school) web design experts used to label as

And when we do run into walls, we'll figure out what we need to add to scale
them.  I'm confident we can solve any "real" problems that we run into.



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