[uf-rest] Implementation Experience?

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 15:51:56 PDT 2006


Good questions; this is something I'm interested in as well.  I've
been doing some experiments with this kind of thing and I've tried a
couple of different approaches: one that attempts to use a wider
vocabulary of xhtml elements, and one that uses a much narrower
vocabulary of xhtml based on XOXO.

I'm not too satisfied with either.  Then I noticed technorati's API
doesn't do xhtml... it's just POX.  EVDB also uses POX.  Any one know
of PUBLISHED examples of people actually using xhtml for "application"

Anyway, I tend to use class, title, and id attributes very heavily.  I
also have made some creative uses of <form> and <input>'s as well.
Funny things start happening when you stop thinking strictly in terms
of presentation.


On 9/15/06, Jim Culbert <jim at culbert.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working with a client on exposing their services to "consumers". They're
> a large telco and they have lots of folks that want to call into their
> backend system interfaces. A large group of folks who are clamoring for
> access to the IT systems are presentation oriented consumers - talented web
> developers that want to create accounts, display order status and various
> other things. They don't grok XML well but can work miracles with
> javascript, css, and dom manipulation.
> For these customers, I've proposed:
> 1) No complex request protocol, use what they know, go with puts, gets
> qstrings and form variables. Do the REST thing.
> 2) HTML payloads. Since the target is presentation oriented why rotate to
> data then back to presentation especially when the consumer is better at
> working with html?
> Now I"m trying to make it work.
> A lot of what these guys do is contact and scheduling oriented so I have
> proposed and prototyped moving hCard and hCalendar data around for a number
> of services as our data contract with the consumer. The approach is looking
> promising.
> I'm now getting into the nitty grit (error handline, state management) and
> was wondering if anyone else has been down this path already and if they're
> willing to share insights.
> I'm new to the list and haven't read the full archive yet, so my appologies
> if this has been hashed out.
> Cheers,
> Jim Culbert
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> Culbert Information Associates
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