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MediaWiki is an open source wiki cms.

microformats support

MediaWiki has some built-in microformats support:

As well as extensions for additional elements that help with microformats support:

in progress

Mark up articles with hAtom

The microformats wiki—which runs MediaWiki with a custom skin—uses microformats in the mark-up of the page. Namely, each wiki page (article) is marked up using hAtom, providing common structure for titles, authors, content and so forth.

Provide ability to insert microformats into pages

That is, to mark-up an event, person, business and so forth as part of an article, is super-cumbersome. This is something no-one has solved yet, and requires an update to the wiki shorthand mark-up mechanism to allow people to add `class`, `rel` and `rev` attributes. Some attempts have made toward this: The Link Attributes extension for MediaWiki augments the link syntax to allow class, rel and rev.

I've also been working on a possible Markdown extension for the same purpose, that might look something like this, using braces for attributes:

[Ben Ward]({fn url, rel=me}

To produce:

<a class="fn url" rel="me">

TWiki could actually evolve in a similar way:

[[][Ben Ward][fn url, rel=me]]

It would also be necessary to allow adding class attributes to arbitrary blocks (p, div, spans etc.)

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