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Prism is a microformats parser, library, and command line tool for the Ruby programming language.


Prism is a Microformat parser and "html toolkit" backed by the powerful Nokogiri libxml2 parser ( It defines a DSL (a domain-specific language) for parsing POSH formats, and comes included with support for several Microformats. Right now (v0.1.0) it supports:

supported microformats


To get started, just make sure you have Ruby installed on your system and run `gem install prism` (you might need `sudo`).

command line tool

Using the command line tool

prism --hcard > ~/Desktop/mark.vcf

Go ahead and try that: you can add me to your address book. Prism's CLI (command line interface) allows you to convert hcards to vcards (more coming soon, of course).


Type `prism` to see a general help page. Man pages are in the works.

feedback and issues

I urge you all to check out Prism, run it and see if it parses to your expectations. If not, please open an issue on GitHub (

future plans

Priorities for the next release include:

Thanks for checking it out and I encourage contribution!

Thanks, -Mark Wunsch @markwunsch on Twitter mwunsch on Freenode irc

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