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Draft Specification



This specification is (C) 2005-2024 by the authors. However, the authors intend to submit (or already have submitted, see details in the spec) this specification to a standards body with a liberal copyright/licensing policy such as the GMPG, IETF, and/or W3C. Anyone wishing to contribute should read their copyright principles, policies and licenses (e.g. the GMPG Principles) and agree to them, including licensing of all contributions under all required licenses (e.g. CC-by 1.0 and later), before contributing.


This specification is subject to a royalty free patent policy, e.g. per the W3C Patent Policy, and IETF RFC3667 & RFC3668.

Introduction is a simple tool that should enable you to create custom resume documents that export microformatted hResume documents, upload them to a web service or to your own server.

Description is a client application that uses hResume microformat as its native file format. Because of this, we should be able to open remote hResume files just as easily as local ones.

Users enter in (or import existing) resume elements which are stored in a 'catalog.'

Resume elements will be listed in a drawer off the main interface window. Drawer should have a search field at the top of it similar to or

Users can drag the elements into the main interface window to add them to the resume and drag them vertically to re-order them. Users can drag elements off the main interface window to remove them.

Section element types can be dragged to re-order whole element type groups. (drag accomplishments above employment history, for example.)

A thesaurus should be accessible to help user choose strong words in editing their elements. I have a list of good words and bad words. Bad words should underline in a color and contextual menu should suggest other words. If user chooses to keep this 'bad' word, the color should not print or save in other file formats.

Export should be to synchronize the hResume with an account at Emurse, as well as txt/rtf/doc/HTML (css print and screen)/pdf.

Main interface window is for arranging order of elements, preview window shows the templates applied.

templates should be provided, and be easy for motivated users to contribute.

Cover letter composer and templates should also be available, using same interface and elements catalog as the resume computer interface.

Functional Requirements

  • Should be able to load hResume data from local URLs.
  • Should be able to load hResume data from remote URLs.
  • Should be able to open and save documents in HTML format.
  • Should be able to save documents in .doc format. (too many HR orgs require it to ignore)

Open Issues

  • Should one design, how would you include a photo or other rich media in the hResume file?
  • Should we create a .resume filetype that is essentially a folder that recognizes?