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Hi, my name is Christian Pfetzing. I live in Germany, 120km north of Hamburg. Since 1996 I implement the technical part of communication-strategies. Since 2003 I consult and work as Service Support, technical Developer and Consultant, Project-Manager for several (Non-Governmental-)organisations and enterprises, in 2005/2006 for Greenpeace Germany - responsible for Service Support and for Service Delivery (according to ITIL). Since 2000 I created several solution in the fields of netcentric-intelligence, surveillance, enforcement, massnetworking and ecampaigning. With partners I provide the necessary infrastructure: ICT-administration, peripheral-sales and support (worldwide, 24/7). I give lectures to all my working-fields, and I'm working as editor for professional journals. Honorary I support freedom-of-the-press and democratisation-processes. I'll try to support the community with my experience in the professional field of job-offers, time-work, applications a.s.o. On the other hand, the community has to suffer my poor english-skills. *g*