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Hi, my name is Juraj Sivak and I am student of Technical University of Kosice. My theme of final paper is: Semantic web - Microformats. Part of my task is to design some kind of microformat. It should be my own idea.

Curriculum vitae

  • Name: Juraj Sivák
  • Date of birth: 13th September 1986

how-to microformat

Every day we are looking for some kind of manual to solve our problems. If we can not effectively use Web search engine, it is quite time consuming task. After reviewing the web, I decided to propose microformat for publishing troubleshooting. I called my microformat "how-to" and its schema is as follows:

  • how-to
    • problem
    • domain
    • solution
      • difficulty
        • technical
        • equipment
        • duration
        • price
      • instructions
      • inset
        • hMedia
        • code
        • rel-enclosure
    • faq
      • question
      • answer
    • author
    • published
    • tag