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This page is for archiving resolved issues about the abbr-design-pattern that require no further actions. See:

closed issues

Closed issues that have no further actions to take.

closed 2008

Closed issues that were raised in 2008.

  • closed issue 2008-01-01 raised by Andy Mabbett.
    1. Abbreviations in the middle of microformat element values should be parsed. e.g for <span class="street-address">New John <abbr title="Street">St.</abbr> West</span>, both Operator and X2V return, at the time of writing, vCards containing "New John St. West", not the expected "New John Street West". Data is thus being lost. See example.
      • REJECTED BY DESIGN / COMPATIBILITY. The design of having property values that go across elements reflect the visible inline text was a deliberate one based on a simpler/easier authoring model, and existing content depends on it. - Tantek
  • closed issue 2008-05-14 raised by Lee Jordan.
    1. Search Engines indexing pages using abbr-design-design pattern may expand the title attribute in the text indexed for the description part of the search result. An example from a recent page created which was indexed by Google and included a hCalendar event marked up with the class dtstart: 2008-04-2121st April 2008. Notice the lack of white space between the dates? Perhaps search engines work in a similar way as assistive technology like screen readers in expanding abbreviations but but fail to add brackets around the abbreviation text or fail to suppress one or the other.
    • Please supply an example in the wild to further determine/confirm this is an issue with the mark-up/spider/search engine
    • REJECTED. No example in the wild was provided, and this behavior may be out of date at this point in terms of modern search engine behaviors. We can re-open if a specific real world example with URL is provided along with search result screenshot (and URL). - Tantek

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