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Listing of examples in the wild of websites publishing accessibility data about venues.

  • shows as icons (example, screenshot):
    • door width
    • ramp incline
    • number of steps
    • presence of elevator
  • lists an astonishing amount of information in a table (example, En translation), including:
    • number of handicapped parking spaces, spaces for cars (as well as whether or not said parking is marked as such)
    • parking surface (e.g. “Smooth, dense and non-slip”)
    • width of parking spaces
    • distance from reduced mobility parking to entrance, surface
    • whether or not there’s a height difference between parking and entrance
    • various lift details including door width, keyboard height, automatic door, spoken floor names
    • various restroom details including door width, mirror height, soap height
    • table top height, chair height
    • allows guide dogs
    • whether or not pets are allowed in public spaces
    • Listing of things being worked on by the owner
  • openstreetmap has many tags for accessibility information (docs), including:
    • tactile_paving
    • acoustic=voice_description
    • tactile=braille
  • Brighton Dome has an access page where they publish details including:
    • Wheelchair-accessible foyers, ticket offices, bars & auditoria
    • Accessible toilets
    • Lifts
    • Access dogs welcome
    • Large print brochures on request
    • Induction loops (Corn Exchange & Studio)
    • Sign language interpreted performances (maybe more of an h-event property --bw 17:01, 26 September 2013 (UTC))
    • On-street disabled parking spaces nearby

Other Solutions/APIs/Data Sources

Web pages which make use of accessibility data but aren’t venue websites publishing info about themselves.

  • People have been known to make foursquare lists of venues which are not wheelchair accessible (example)
  • Wheelcrowd is a mobile application which looks for foursquare venues tagged in a certain way (#accesspass or #ap for +, #accessfail or #af for -)
  • ECIL have a venue search engine which allows you to filter by
    • Step-free/Ramp available
    • One Step Induction Loop
    • Braille menu/Large print menu
    • Accessible WC
    • Blue badge parking within 50m
    • Moveable tables and chairs
    • Well lit

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