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Microformats : AQ (ask a question)

This page was created to provide an easy drop point for people not familiar with all the existing documentation (in whatever format) to ask questions about microformats.

Please read the existing faq and press press-faq.

This is a tentative approach to a problem with finding specific information for new members of this community. It was exposed to some members of the microformat community during the lego mashpit flash meetup during SXSW08. --SylvainCarle 16:06, 12 Mar 2008 (PDT)


Ask a question after the last question below. Please leave minimal contact information, at least a link to your userpage or external.

Ask your questions

Q: What would be a good way to encode licensing information for a collection of microformatted addresses?

Additional information about this question

This topic is somewhat addressed at licensing#Usecases_hypothesis but I am looking for clarification on a use case where a search engine would return a resultset with different licensing information for each item, where should the licensing "block" be inserted in the element tree.

--SylvainCarle 16:06, 12 Mar 2008 (PDT)

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