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Comment Problem

Shortform: How do you track blog comments you've made?

Longform: How do track the comments you have made on blogs, comments made on blogs your interested in and comments other people have made on your own blog?

How can you do this in a way that can be programically represented, ingested into some kind of datastore, searched or aggregated?


  • dotBen (Ben Metcalfe)
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Stephanie Booth for coComment (wannabe contributor)

Examples of desired behaviors

  • I post a comment to a blog, and want to monitor responses made to my comment - but I don't want to have to visit the website regularly to manually check for reponses
  • I want to monitor all comments published to my blog in my newsreader
  • I want to be able to be alerted when someone posts a comment to my favourite blog

Examples of existing formats, products and services

  • coComment provides this kind of functionality by requireing each commentor to regisger an account with them and use a client-based bookmarklet to post a copy of the comment to the cocomment servers. This results in a semantically forked converastion. It does however provide an RSS feed for each blog post.
  • WordPress already offers a comment stream RSS feed that can be pulled into the representation of the standard RSS feed of a blog via extensions in the originally feed.
  • See comment-examples for more specific examples of comments being published on blogs and other sites.