Compositing Microformats

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Editor: Toby Inkster

Authors: Toby Inkster, ... (contributors welcome)

This page is intended to explore compositing of microformats. What do composited microformats mean? What opportunities are there? Are there any problems in this area that need solving? If so, what should those solutions be?


The issue

Sometimes microformats are marked up like this:

<div class="hfoo hbar">...</div>

What does this mean?

Nesting vs Compositing

Nesting is not compositing.


Possible Answers


  • C = Semantic composite (meaning #1 above)
  • H = HTML composite (meaning #2 above)
  • ! = Too confusing/ambiguous — do not use
  • ? = What do you think?


Logical properties of the "C" relationship:

In short, "C" is an equivalence relationship.

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