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Directory Inclusion Brainstorming

This page is dedicated to brainstorming ways to do distributed directory inclusion, based on the research done in directory-inclusion-examples and directory-inclusion-formats.




  • Is rel-tag sufficient?
    • Probably not. There's lots of cases where there are preexisting directory links, which are not taggable. It would be nice to have the ability to make those explicit. - Ryan
    • Also, rel-tag does not require that the page linked to be a directory page... it can also be a definition page -- singpolyma 06:07, 20 May 2006 (PDT)
  • Does it link to a detailed page in the directory that should show a link back to the page, or can it be just directory itself? I'm considering using it for pointing from resources to registries where the resource might be registered.

Straw proposal

  • rel="directory" - thoughts by Tantek
    • indicates that the referenced resource is a directory which does or should contain the current page. Note that this has some resemblance to (but with important differences from) several existing HTML4 rel values: Contents, ToC, Index, Appendix. A directory implies something more though, perhaps aspects like pointing to a bunch of things at different locations/sites, perhaps one or more canonical orderings (whether alphabetical or by some other metric). I know this is a bit rough, but I ran the idea past a few key folks at FOO Camp (David Weinberger, Josh Kinberg, Blaine & Rabble of ODEO), and after a bit of discussion it seemed to make sense to them too.