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Rel-Ecolabel is a simple, open, format for indicating ecolabelled items which is embedable in HTML or XHTML, Atom, RSS, and arbitrary XML. Specification 2008-05-12


Jacob Malthouse (, formerly of ICANN (


By adding rel="ecolabel" to a hyperlink, a page indicates that the destination of that hyperlink is the ecolabel for an ecolabelled item listed on the current page. E.g. with the following hyperlink:

<a href="" rel="ecolabel">ecologo</a>

NOTE: in the highlighted portion - is this where we would put an ecolabel code or readable URL for entry?

the author indicates that the product, company, or services has obtained an "ecologo" certification.

--Spiritquest 23:06, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

It seems that it might work well with being linked to an hproduct / hCard - to identify a manufacturer - I've yet to explore hproduct in detail.

I don't know that pointing the URL of the ecolabel directly to would work.

If I ran a product site with ecolabelled products, I would want to point to either a source of information on the label internally within the site, or have it point to a list of all data tagged with similar ecolables.

<a href="" rel="license">ecologo</a>

The destination would then show all ecologo tagged products within the catalogue of

maybe microformat parsing tools could be created to send users or pull information from site as a source of authoritative info and background on the label.

rel-tag as an example can point to an internal site structure using a taxonomy but can also use microformat tools to extend data searches to sites like technorati.

Multiple Licenses

Multiple such rel="ecolabel" hyperlinks indicate that multiple items on the page are available under any of the referred licenses. E.g. the following hyperlinks could be used to declare that a page is available under either an ecologo or a certified carbon free ecolabel:

<a href="" rel="ecolabel">ecologo</a> <a href="" rel="ecolabel">certified-carbon-free</a>

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List of Ecolabels see also: about


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