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Portable Social Network Micro Meetup at Citizen Space

One of several microformats events on social-network-portability.


Upcoming Event

2007-09-25T17:30-0700 - 2007-09-25T20:00-0700
Citizen Space, 425 Second St., #300, San Francisco, CA, USA
social-network-portability series.


Add yourself alphabetically sorted by last name if you attended.


(taken by Chris Messina)

  • privacy models vs semantic relationships
    • livejournal does a good job
    • different contexts
    • decay
    • facebook shows private twitter if you import/aggregate private feeds...
  • grand vision of the semantic web...
  • xfn
    • folksonomic
    • muse in romantic category... because of classical greek definition
  • germany just passed 7 year marriage contract defaults
  • decay/churn
    • after X amount of time
    • gestures can renew halflife
    • "vigor"
    • tom morris's blogroll as xfn-based white-list of openID URLs for login/reveal more hCard info
    • levels of contacts... social whitelisting by context... or location
  • magnolia does recommendations
    • notices email... if someone signs up using that email, messages sent via them
    • need messaging via email/jabber/openid
  • every generation is sharing more information for fame and ease of use...
  • need incremental benefits over time...
  • a lot of networks don't build in support for banning/blocking/abuse
  • the convenience of creating and establishing an openid...
    • friending... blocking universally... across all sites...
    • maybe it will prevent abuse because the value to an abuser of a reputable openid is high... i can block people universally based on their single openid...
  • pownce... you add someone as friend... goes into friend requests... accept friend / no, leave as fan
  • openid for friends: add as friend, leave as fan, deny
  • drop friend requests list... only have fans list... then check your fans list to add someone as a friend...
  • be able to request the ability to follow... without annoying someone with a friend request...
  • no way to remove fans from your page
  • people feel bad listing best friends ... myspace/facebook? people will lie... people will go after someone's best friends...
  • people on livejournal edit their friends list often... there's a cost to having a long list of friends... binge and purge is how you cloak decay
  • give choice on length of expiration...
  • decay could fall all the way down to fandom
  • proximity + context + group (grid model...)... time, tags, geo...
  • imagine your friends as records in the itunes library... all the different types of smart filters...
  • how or do you re-share information?
    • Groups**
  • on openid endpoint... could list rel-groups... site could pull in all your groups... and subscribe to them... if you remove a link to a group, you've unsubscribed
  • use oauth to maintain our list of groups?

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