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An example of a hCard using all available vCard properties

this is the start of a page being worked on by JamieKnight and vbgunz (VictorGonzalez) with the aim to markup and explain an example, which will use all the available properties of hCard from the cheat sheet, and the vCard specification. this page is ongoing work and contributions are welcome.

Address (ADR)

this is a complete example of a adr subsection inside a div element.

 <div class="adr" >
 <span class="type" >home</span>  
 <span class="post-office-box" >9890</span>
 <span class="street-address" title="*">2 example road </span>
 <span class="extended-address" >flat 7a </span>
 <span class="region" >region name</span>
 <span class="locality" >locality name </span>
 <span class="postal-code" >TA2 6HU </span>
 <span class="country-name" >United Kingdom </span>

hCard mimics vCard in the ability to have multiple addresses (adr) defined. for example "work, home, ect" this is represented in the types attribute as follows: to represent home:

 <span class="type" >home</span>

or, to represent work

 <span class="type" >work</span>