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This page is an informative section of the hCard specification.

The following implementations have been developed which either generate or parse hCards. If you have such an hCard implementation, feel free to add it to the top of the New Implementations section. If you have a page or site which just publishes hCards, please use hcard-examples-in-wild instead.

New Implementations

Add new implementations here for evaluation and classification into the below taxonomy of implementations.

Please help out by trying out these implementations and once verified move them to the grouped sections below. For now we are keeping them in grouped sections (rather than a table) because there are so many differnt kinds of implementations that it does not quite make sense to have columns that apply to all implementations. - Tantek

  • hCard vCard Generator for WordPress - Generates Microformats compatible hCards from WordPress users and companion vCards for downloading purposes.
  • ez-vcard - A vCard parser written in Java. Supports hCard, xCard, and vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • All .tel domains are now automatically hCard-compliant when viewed on the web (non-mobile only for now). Examples: telnic.tel , schuh.tel .
  • h2v.1daylater.com A service and javascript library that very easily converts HTML snippets into their downloadable counterparts - for webdevelopers
  • vcardin.py: converts .vcf to .html based on a kid template; part of the RDF Calendar workspace
  • hCard to QR-Code -- Converts a published hCard to a vCard and displays the matching QR-Code.
  • Verizon Contact Exporter -- adds hcards to a typical HTML page of contacts from someone's Verizon online address book so that they can be exported (say, if someone wants to leave Verizon)
  • hCard Validator - finally!
  • Cogmap - Cogmap has a bunch of org charts marked up with hcard. Desperately needs XPN!
  • TripIt - The TripIt contact list of your connections is marked up with hCard
  • hAvatar - Wordpress plugin displaying avatars for commenters based on their hCard
  • org.microformats.hCard - java hCard parser and creator.
  • Mobile Online Business' vCard to hCard converter
  • Jam is an active address book extension for Firefox/Flock. Jam imports Vcard and various CSV formats, and can output contacts in Vcard and hCard format.
  • The "tt_address" extension for TYPO3 supports hCard since the latest release, v2.0.0
  • Operator lets you combine pieces of information on Web sites with applications in ways that are useful. For instance, download hCard information to Outlook. (Firefox-plugin)
  • Wordpress hCard Creator - I've made this simple plugin for wordpress. It adds the hCard Options submenu at Options menu, where you can create a simple hCard and put it on your blog using < ?php hcard_creator() ?> to show it. Also, it is possible to show an "export to vCard" link, which uses Brian Suda X2V. (Got send an e-mail to him regarding this)
  • Microformats Bookmarklet is a bookmarklet designed for IE6 and IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Camino, that overlays on the current page to allow users to import individual hCards or hCalendars. Written by Remy Sharp.
  • vCardExplorer is a Mac OS X Application, that displays VCF-Files and extracts hCards from Websites written by Daniel Kagemann.
  • Extract Microformats is a script for NetNewsWire that supports extracting hCard and hCalendar data in blog posts (via technorati service). Written by Chris Casciano
  • hKit is an open source PHP 5 parsing library with support for hCard.
  • Technorati Microformats Search indexes hCard, hCalendar, and hReview as announced by Tantek.
    • list of pages with indexing Issues so they can be looked into as to why data is not being extracted
    • suda.co.uk/contact
    • multipack.co.uk
  • Dreamweaver Extension suite from the Web Standards Project enables the authoring of hCards from within Dreamweaver 8.
  • hCardCreator.com allows web masters to generate hCards to embed in their site.
  • Scooch is a slide show and presentation creator that generates a hCard for individual slide show authors and comment authors with a CSS button to parse and download via X2V. Also uses hReview for slide ratings and rel-tag for categories.
  • Flocktails - port of Tails extension for Flock 0.5.12 that looks for hCards, hCalendar, xFolk and hReview and tosses them into a handy topbar
  • uformats is a ruby library that can parse hCalendar, hCard, hReview and rel-tag
  • Tails is a Firefox Extension that will display the presence and details of microformats (hCard, hCalendar, hReview, xFolk) on a webpage. Tails Export is an extended version.
  • Smartzilla is a Firefox Extension that finds hCards on web pages and lets you add them to your addressbook.
  • pnh_mf is a plugin for Textpattern that supports embedding hCard and other microformats in templates and blog posts. Written by Chris Casciano.
  • There is evidence of built-in hCard support in the Konqueror browser. Specifically, Konqueror 3.5, in KDE 3.5 (kubuntu Breezy w/ update).
  • There is evidence of a kwiki plugin for hCards. Update: the hCard kwiki plugin svn repository. See the documentation of the hCard kwiki plugin.
  • X2V is a bookmarklet that parses hCard and produces a .vcf (vCard) stream. Note: needs to be updated as the spec is refined.
  • Duncan Walker has built a Firefox extension that gets hCard data from a webpage, uses Brian Suda's XSL (locally) to transform it to vcard format and opens the resulting .vcf file.
  • George has written a Greasemonkey user script that detects hCards and allows users to easily add them to their address book application. Relies on the X2V web service to do the conversion.
  • Martin Rehfeld has updated the work of David Janes and produced a Greasemonkey script that finds many microformat elements, including hCards, and provides a popup menu of actions. The hCard to vCard conversion is done internally within the script. This will work with FireFox 1.5+/GreaseMonkey 0.6.4+ now.
  • Mark Pilgrim has also written an hCard parser Greasemonkey user script. It is self-contained and does not rely on the X2V web service.
  • Oliver Brown has written an "extension" to SimpleXML that gives simple access to hCard information in PHP 5.
  • Andrew D. Hume has built a system (Wordpress plugin?) for using hCards in your blog to represent people leaving comments on blog posts.
  • rfc2629.xslt now attempts to generate hCard information (RFC2629 is an XML format for authoring RFCs and Internet Drafts, see example document)
  • YourTraces: hcard Search-engine
  • iChat buddy list to hCards - Open source AppleScript to automatically convert one's buddy list in the MacOSX iChat AIM client into a valid XHTML 1.0 Strict list of hCards.
  • palmagent is a collection of palmpilot and sidekick tools. It includes X2V derivatives xhtml2hcard.xsl and toICal.xsl plus some hcardTest materials
  • OpenPsa 2.x CRM application uses hCard for all person listings. The widget is reusable across Midgard CMS
  • Emiliano Martínez Luque has written an experimental hCard finder and structured search application that finds hCards within a given set of URLs and returns the ones that match the specified search criteria.
  • Lustro is a free and open source Mac OS X application that exports your Address Book contacts to CSV, tab delimited, Google Contacts and hCards off course. It creates a single XHMTL webpage with all your contacts as hCards.
  • WP Customer Reviews is a Wordpress plugin which lets customers leave testimonials and reviews of your business, service, or website. Reviews are in hReview format and also provides an hCard implementation for business details.
  • Geodatacheck.com is a Webservice where you enter you address and contact Info, it geocodes your location and asks for your socialmedia handles and geo app venue or places ID like google place, gowalla, foursquare. You get a vCard and a hCard as output. Use the hCard snippet to place have your address with all the additional links in an hCard format.


Implementations you can use to author, create, and publish hCards.

Web-based Creators

hCard creator
Create your own hCards
try it with different style sheets!
see also Dutch interface.

Give feedback on the hCard creator

Blogging and CMS tools

Textpattern plug-in
jmc_event_manager is a plugin for Textpattern that outputs locations and events in hCard (and hCalendar) formats. Written by Joel Courtney.
WordPress Plugins
Wordpress Addressbook plugin - Display list of addresses from the blog owner's address book, each marked up as an hCard. Maintained by Sam Wilson.
hCard & vCard Generator plugin for WordPress - Generate microformat compatible hCards and vCards for WordPress users - great for use on staff pages and for user bio's.

Browser scripts and plug-ins

Browser plugins that work with existing authoring tools:

Any browser with javascript and a little bit of CSS
microformats.org hCard creator (see also Tantek's original hCard creator on tantek.com.

Desktop Authoring Tools

  • ...

Search and Discovery

Conversion and Import

Implementations you can use to importing into an address book application, typically by converting hCard to vCard, or address book / location based sites.

Web Services

These return vCard (.vcf) and other contact formats for easy importing into typical address book programs or other processing.

  • www.tomota.de Online address book that allows to import, export and convert hCard into vCard, ldif, csv and plain text.
  • ...

Firefox Greasemonkey Plugins


  • hCard Mapper maps hCards onto form fields (Javascript based)

Web Actions

Some sites' web actions APIs use the referring sites' hCard as input for the action.


Implementations that detect, display and otherwise highlight hCards in pages.

  • ...

Firefox extension

Operator - This extension is casual-user, advanced-user and developer friendly. Very customizable and unobstrusive.

Internet Explorer extension

Oomph - This Add-In to Internet Explorer will light up on pages with hCards.

Flock extension

  • ...

Open Source

Open source libraries of hCard parsers and other related code for building hCard implementations. Note: it is very likely that above implementations may be duplicated in this section. That's ok.

The hCard creator (hCard creator feedback) is a very simple, yet illustrative, open source user interface / form / script which creates an hCard in real-time as you type in a set of contact information.
  • Resumy - small tool that is capable to generate Resumes marked up using the hResume Microformat standard into a W3C valid web page.
  • Lustro is a free and open source Mac OS X application that exports your Address Book contacts to CSV, tab delimited, Google Contacts and hCards off course. It creates a single XHMTL webpage with all your contacts as hCards.

Additional Applications

This section should probably be incorporated into hcard-brainstorming.

There are numerous potential additional uses and applications for hCards on the Web. The following are merely a few thoughts and possibilities that folks have come up with:

  • As an open standard/format for Gravatars.
    • Like this.
    • Wordpress plugin with hCard based replacement for gravatar is in the make. Alper 12:59, 8 Aug 2007 (PDT)
  • Marking up individual authors of blog posts on a group blog
  • Marking up people's names and URLs in a blogroll
  • Any reference to people in blog posts (e.g. when citing them, or referencing them, or describing them, by name).
  • ...

Related Pages

The hCard specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.