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  1. 您必须创建一个账户(参见维基用户名称规则)才能编辑或创建页面。
  2. 阅读 自愿公共领域声明并考虑将 Template:public-domain-release加至您的用户页面,以将您在 所作的贡献发布至公共领域。
  3. 请尝试使用网络中继聊天(优先)或邮件列表(请先阅读mailing-lists)。
  4. If you write something opinionated, sign it with your username - you can easily do so with a datetimestamp in MediaWiki with four ~s, e.g.: ~~~~.
  5. 请在本维基上发布与微格式相关的文章,其他信息很有可能被删除。
  6. 请遵守页面的 命名规则
  7. 请勿使用Talk页面,参见 #3。
  8. 请尽量保证您的XHTML合乎规范。
  9. 粘贴代码时,请在合适的位置加入换行符号以保证行宽。
  10. 请勿在标题中使用问号(?),以保证指向碎片识别器的URL简短易读并容易拷贝粘贴。
  11. 标题可以使用 <h1> <h2> 等标记,以防止其在目录中出现。如果您在编辑文章的过程中遇到这种标题,请勿用 "=" 或 "=="格式将其替代。
  12. 请勿修改标题文字, 哪怕只是大小写或是为了使之符合上述标准。 标题时常被当作永久链接,而更改标题会破坏这种链接关系。所以在创建标题时请谨慎。 You may change a heading if you are careful to leave an empty <span id="oldheadingID"></span> in front of the heading with oldHeadingID set to the necessary value to maintain heading permalinks.
  13. Avoid global editorial wiki changes / edits (e.g. the same or similar edits applied to numerous pages, say, more than a dozen or so pages). If you have an opinion on how to globally improve something stylistically or editorially on the wiki, please add it to your section on the to-do page, and then perhaps ask the community using the microformats-discuss mailing list what folks think of it. Interpret absence of response(s) as disinterest and thus implicit rejection. Admins may from time to time do global wiki changes to remove spam, repair damage done by other global wiki edits etc.
  14. Please avoid simple contradictory responses such as "No" to questions and issues. Instead provide at least a short sentence with a reason which provides information beyond what is provided in the question or issue.
  15. Do not remove "red links", nor create empty / placeholder "..." pages for them just to make them not red. The red links usefully communicate a need or a desire for that page to exist, and the person expressing that desire may not be the same person that is able to take the time, or has the necessary skill/background to draft such a page. The links to pages not yet created often serve as an effective (and easy to execute) "to do" list. Removing those links makes it harder, less convenient to do so. (One exception noted so far: red links to non-existent microformats e.g. "hbib", should be delinked, as it is desirable for it to be harder/less convenient to create new microformats). Finally, as such links do provide information, they are not redundant.
  16. Do not use the MediaWiki "Categories" mechanism. As with "Talk" pages, this community does not use all the features of MediaWiki.
  17. Do not create new "User:" links by hand. User: links should only created as a result of users actually signing their edits with ~~~ or ~~~~. That way each User: page will correspond to an actual login, rather than accidentally linking to a page which doesn't represent a login. If you see a red link which appears like it should be a User: link, e.g. [[DavidJanes]], rather than editing the link in place, create a redirect at the destination of the link to the person's User: page.
  18. Check "what links here" before moving pages, and fix any links to the page you're moving, if appropriate.

Wiki Cleaning

See spam-removal.

If you see something which you think needs massive cleanup on the wiki, please point it out to admins on the irc channel or microformats-discuss list.


See mediawiki-customization for brief notes on how the microformats wiki is different from a "typical" MediaWiki install, in many ways to help with how-to-play and naming-conventions.