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Content Translation Issues

Issues related to the use of microformats to influence the translation of content into other languages, and their pronunciation by screen readers and aural browsers.


Please use this format (copy and paste this to the beginning of the list to add your issues):

* {{OpenIssue}} YYYY-MM-DD raised by ~~~.
*# Here is the first issue I have.
*# Here is the second issue I have (delete if only one; add more if needed).


  • open issue! 2007-06-10 raised by Andy Mabbett.
    1. Do we need a separate microformat for text which should not be translated, such as "teacher, teacher" in:

      The Great Tit, Parus major, has a song that sounds like "teacher, teacher"

      but which is not otherwise a component of a microformat? (Or maybe that should just be a style, attribute, or element, in HTML5).

      (Comment by Bbos:) Probably not needed for HTML5, which has a built-in translate=no attribute. But for HTML4 it might be useful to declare its predecessor, class=notranslate, to be a microformat on its own. See Using HTML's translate attribute.

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