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* [[hcard-input-interface]] for easy input of user data (creating hCards) by Chad. combined project/session with '''microformats and user sign-up user interface''' - how can importing and subscribing to hCards help make user sign-up easier and thus get more users signed up quicker? by [[User:Tantek|Tantek]]
* [[hcard-input-interface]] for easy input of user data (creating hCards) by Chad. combined project/session with '''microformats and user sign-up user interface''' - how can importing and subscribing to hCards help make user sign-up easier and thus get more users signed up quicker? by [[User:Tantek|Tantek]]
* [[self-updating-address-book]] - in the search for an address book/contact list that actually stays up to date, hCard may be the key. [[User:Beaulebens|Beau Lebens]]
* [[self-updating-address-book]] - in the search for an address book/contact list that actually stays up to date, hCard may be the key. [[User:Beaulebens|Beau Lebens]]
* [[hcard-contact-autocompletion]] by [[User:Rohit|Rohit Khare]]
* [[hcard-contact-autocompletion]] (a/k/a “CallerID 2.0”) by [[User:Rohit|rohit]], hober, chirags, lou, lauren, & jesse
* [[unified-rsvp]] by _________
* [[unified-rsvp]] by _________
* [[hcard-google-bookmarklet]] [[bookmarklet]]. [[User:Singpolyma|Singpolyma]]
* [[hcard-google-bookmarklet]] [[bookmarklet]]. [[User:Singpolyma|Singpolyma]]

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2009-07-25 from 12:00 to 2009-07-26 at 17:00
Automattic, Pier 38, The Embarcadero between Brannan and Townsend, San Francisco, CA, 94107. View location at latitude:37.782769, longitude:-122.387837
MUNI: Brannan (N,T)
BART: Embarcadero station, then take MUNI N-Judah inbound or T-Third inbound to Brannan stop.
Caltrain: 4th & King st., then take MUNI N-Judah outbound or T-Third outbound to Brannan stop.
microformatsDevCamp! The first ever microformatsDevCamp, for authors, designers, publishers, developers, engineers building pages, sites, and tools with microformats.
How much
$20 suggested donation (gets you a t-shirt while supplies last). No one turned away for lack of funds.
short URL

Add this event to your calendar microformat_hcalendar.png



microformatsDevCamp is made possible thanks to the generosity of our corporate and individual sponsors!


Help sponsor microformatsDevCamp:

For meals, we're planning on something simple like bagels+coffee for breakfast (note: Tantek will purchase supplies for Sunday morning); or pizza or indian delivery (Deedees Indian Food!). We'll arrange for sponsors to pay vendors directly...


microformatsDevCamp, like any BarCamp, needs you - Sign up to volunteer, attend, design, code, and build with microformats!


Like all BarCamps, this event is what it is because of what everyone puts into it. Volunteer to help setup, check people in, get them setup with a name badge, clean up, and help people in general have a good time and get things done.

  • Cindy Li - designer, helping with microformatsDevCamp logo design. done!
  • Beau Lebens - developer, Automattic, [Dented Reality]. I know my way around the venue, so can help sort out power strips, projectors etc
  • ...


Please register with this online form.


Want to design interfaces or build stuff with microformats and want help doing it? Sign up! Add yourself. Note your site (with hCard if you have it), interests/projects, and tag yourself as a web author, designer, IA, publisher, developer, UI-tester - pick at least one.

  1. Tantek Çelik - developer, designer (user interface interaction)
  2. Yury Lifshits
  3. Mark Ng
  4. Rohit Khare - developer
  5. Jason Bolton - front-end designer
  6. Micah Alpern - designer (user interface interaction) (will be there Sunday).
  7. Edward O'Connor (Ted) - author, designer, developer, publisher
  8. Stephen Paul Weber - developer, publisher
  9. Kevin Burton - developer
  10. Dane Hurtubise - developer
  11. JR Conlin - developer, publisher
  12. Chirag Shah - developer
  13. Jesse Hammons - developer Zaggle Social Calendar
  14. Matthew Levine - developer
  15. Faruk Ateş - UX Designer, developer
  16. David Strauss - Drupal, developer
  17. Huy Hong - Frontend Developer, UI/UX/UE, UGC nut
  18. Jeremy Anderson - UX/UI/ID Designer, developer
  19. Lauren Scime - front end designer / developer
  20. Chad Weider developer, designer, front-end, back-end, etc.
  21. Dustin Whittle developer
  22. Reid Burke developer
  23. Monica Keller - developer
  24. (and about 35 more folks, according to Upcoming as of noon Thursday 2009-07-23)
  25. ...


Outline of schedule for the weekend - more details at the DevCamp!

  • Saturday July 25th
    • 11:00 - planners+volunteers onsite for setup
    • 12:00 - registration
    • 13:00 - lunch - Indian Food from Deedees
    • intro session, what is a devcamp, introductions
    • 13:30 - hack/project brainstorming and proposals
    • day 1 building sessions
    • coffee!
    • 18:10 - group photo
    • 19:00 - dinner - pizza from Amicis
    • 20:30 - dinner 2.0 - more pizza from Amicis
    • beer, wine, and cupcakes!
    • day 1 projects demos and social hour
    • evening open hacking session (DevHouse style) / iteration on hacks/projects
    • day 1 clean up
    • ~midnight+ - day 1 wrap up.
  • Sunday July 26th
    • 09:30am - planners+volunteers onsite for setup
    • 10:00am - coffee, breakfast, more demos from day 1
    • day 2 hack/project brainstorming, proposals, signups
    • day 2 working sessions on hacks/projects
    • 12:30pm lunch
    • day 2 working sessions continued
    • second day demos and wrap-up
    • venue clean-up
    • 5pm venue exit


Automattic has very graciously agreed to host microformatsDevCamp. The venue has:

  • wifi
  • power. power outlets, extension cords, power strips
  • 4-5 rooms/meeting areas.
  • 3 projectors
  • 1 whiteboard.
  • sink, water.

As Automattic is donating the venue, as participants it is our responsibility to take excellent care of the venue, leaving it as good or better than we found it.

Some amount of camping overnight at the venue will be possible.

nearby food

Suggestions for nearby (easy/quick walking distance) drinks, snacks, food.


Please use the following tags when tagging related content (blog posts, photos, videos):

tags: #ufdevcamp ufdevcampsf microformats microformatsDevCamp microformatsDevCampSF microformats-meetup BarCamp BarCamp2009 Automattic The-Embarcadero san-francisco upcoming:event=2888376




topics discussed:

  • ...

hack ideas

Have an idea for a hack/project session? Please read What is a DevCamp? and then suggest something or add a "+1" to existing suggestions, and sign your suggestion or opinion with your Username with ~~~

  • microWall - make sure to print a screen-shot of every microformat-savvy tool that comes up during the camp, and stick them on the wall. It will be an amazing backdrop for a group photo... Rohit
  • (Sunday) CSS3, HTML5 and microformats "Zen Garden" - same premise as the CSS Zen Garden of yore, but with a strong emphasis on CSS3 advancements, microformats enrichment and done in HTML5. Faruk Ateş
  • CheatSheet Translation Brian Suda This is a request to anyone who is speaks another language. I created the PDF cheatsheet awhile ago http://suda.co.uk/projects/microformats/cheatsheet/ if someone wants to translate it into Spanish, or another language, please let me know. I can send the source InDesign file, or if they send me the translations, I'd be happy to update it myself.


short URL for this section

Please create a wiki page for any hack/project session you lead or attend and link to it from here.


See all photos on Flickr tagged ufdevcamp.

blog posts

Blog posts about the devCamp. Newest first.

see also

Related Pages

microformatsDevCamp is one of several microformats events.

planner to-do


Want to help organize and plan the first microformatsDevCamp? Sign up and be sure to pick up a planner role (see below).

planner roles

Role info / details:


Note that, including cash donations from the 4th birthday party, we have pledges for ~$1850 to budget with as of 2009-7-24 Rohit

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