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hResume issues

These are externally raised issues about hResume with broadly varying degrees of merit. Thus some issues are REJECTED for a number of obvious reasons (but still documented here in case they are re-raised), and others contain longer discussions. Some issues may be ACCEPTED and perhaps cause changes or improved explanations in the spec. Submitted issues may (and probably will) be edited and rewritten for better terseness, clarity, calmness, rationality, and as neutral a point of view as possible. Write your issues well. — Tantek

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  • open issue! 2007-10-02 raised by jeffmcneill.
    1. Support for Awards and for Service sections are not currently implemented
      • I have attempted to use the Experience tag, however am unclear whether this will break things. Please see the example here. --jeffmcneill 04:09, 2 Oct 2007 (PDT)
  • open issue! 2007-06-21 raised by Steve Ganz.
    1. rel-tag can be difficult to implement for "skill"
      • In Draft, version 0.1 it is required that each "skill" be marked up with rel-tag. While this is a good idea, and easy to do for individuals, it poses some challenges in the real world for large publishers of user generated resume data. If rel-tag was optional for "skills", it would be easier to implement.
      • +1, expecting a resume author to link out to a hypothetical tagspace is an unnecessary barrier to entry. In reality authors end up linking to places like WikiPedia, which is not a real tagspace as defined in rel-tag. We should look at a more complex skill format for both this and the issue below opened by NTollervey. --Ciaran McNulty
  • open issue! 2007-01-04 raised by ntoll.
    1. With regard to the "skill" attributes in a resume: often skills have an indication of the level of attainment - be it as a descriptive "tag" or a duration denoting the length of experience of the referenced skill. In fact, abstracting out a "skill" microformat might be useful for re-use in the job-listing (Vacancy?) microformat. That way, job requirements can be married to CVs. Although not a job-site, I like's skill inventory feature (that captures both a level and length of experience) although I think its implementation is horrendous.
  • open issue! 2006-10-19 raised by RyanKing.
    1. There's currently no way to say 'present' in hCalendar
      • Many job experience listings will include jobs that the person is presently working at. Ciaran McNulty correctly pointed out that a blank DTEND does not indicate that the event is still ongoing. We need to find an easy way to make this work in hResume.
      • Any solution should also be a valid hCalendar, which makes things even more difficult. One possible solution would be to use an event without a DTEND for the current period of employment but have some extra class that indicates that within the semantics of hResume it's an ongoing event and let the hCalendar version just indicate the start of the employment. --Ciaran McNulty
      • Although not the best solution, for the time being, a date far ahead in the future (e.g., 2049-12-31) may have practical use (Note: Google Calendar can handle up to but not including year 2050) -- --Sarven Capadisli 21:34, 18 November 2008 (UTC)
  • open issue! 2006-10-19 raised by Steve Ganz.
    1. There's currently no way to distinguish different hCard types in hResume
      • In Draft, version 0.1 it is specified that a parent element of address should be used to the distinguish an hCard as the subject's contact info. This proves problematic to implement because address cannot contain block level elements. To avoid sacrificing semantic value by restricting the child elements of an hCard to inline elements, we need to settle on an alternate method to classify a subject's hCard as thier contact info.
      • In any given experience there may be one or more hCards. One which would be the subject's hCard for that experience and the other for a supervisor or manager, etc. We need a way to distinguish different hCards in a given experience.
  • Agreed, when adding my references in hCard to the bottom of my hResume it became apparent there was no way I could mark 'my' hCard as the one belonging to the subject of the hResume. Perhaps @class="hcard subject" as a child of the hResume? Ciaran McNulty


Consider using this format (copy and paste this to the end of the list to add your issues; replace ~~~ with an external link if preferred) to report issues or feedback, so that issues can show up in hAtom subscriptions of this issues page. If open issues lack this markup, please add it.

Please post one issue per entry, to make them easier to manage. Avoid combining multiple issues into single reports, as this can confuse or muddle feedback, and puts a burden of separating the discrete issues onto someone else who 1. may not have the time, and 2. may not understand the issue in the same way as the original reporter.

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hResume is the classic microformats predecessor for h-resume. Work on hResume is documented at the following for historical purposes. Much of the general discussion and research likely still applies.

The hResume specification is a work in progress. As additional aspects are discussed, understood, and written, they will be added. These thoughts, issues, and questions are kept in separate pages.