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(what extensions are available/under develoment to support microformats on mediawiki?)
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:<address class="vcard">The <span class="fn">Microformat community</span></address>
:<address class="vcard">The <span class="fn">Microformat community</span></address>
=Mediawiki extension development=
*Are there any generic xml parsers/other extensions under development to provide support for some (most?) of the microformat needs? Is [ semantic mediawiki] a possible candidate for microformat support?

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MediaWiki mark-up issues

Issues with adding microformat mark-up to sites using MediaWiki (such as this wiki, and Wikipedia).

If you know of a solution, or work-around, please post it!


Andy Mabbett




{| class="infobox vcard" 
| class="fn org" | '''{{{name}}}'''
{{#if: {{{address|}}} |
! Address
{{!}} <span class="street-address">{{{address}}}}}</span>
{{#if:{{{city|}}} |
! City
{{!}} <span class="locality">{{{city|}}}}}</span>
{{#if:{{{country|}}} |
! Country
{{!}} <span class="country-name">{{{country|}}}}}</span>
{{#if:{{{latitude|}}} |
{{!}} <{{Coord|{{{latitude}}}|{{{longitude}}}|display=title}} }}

there is nowhere to hang the required class="adr", such that it wraps the three relevant table rows, and no others.
you can give a row a class (or any other valid HTML attribute) with {{!}} class="adr" {{!}} <span... --Tgrtalk / home 06:16, 9 Aug 2007 (PDT)
The need is not to apply a class to a single row, but (as stated) to apply it to (in this example) "the three relevant table rows, and no others". Andy Mabbett 02:14, 10 Aug 2007 (PDT)



24 February 1993 (<span class="bday" style="display:none">1993-02-24</span>)

which degrades gracefully if CSS is not available. It is not acceptable to do so, to show the date advanced by one day for end-dates in hCalendar.



Address elements cannot be added to page content.

<address class="vcard">The <span class="fn org">Microformat community</span></address>

displays as:

<address class="vcard">The Microformat community</address>

Mediawiki extension development

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