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Microtron is a microformats parser and library for the Python programming language.


current version: 0.13


authors and contributors

Microtron was originally written by Andrew McCollum at microformatsDevCamp 2009.

The following folks have contributed code to Microtron:


Microtron is intended to be a general-purpose microformat parser/transformer.

It can operate on the definition file included in Optimus, making it a close replacement for certain tasks, and can easily be extended with new formats without modifying the source. The primary advantages are speed (> 100x faster that Optimus for some operations), simplicity (single file) and small code size (currently < 150 lines).

Right now it supports:

supported microformats


With setuptools' easy_install:

   easy_install microtron

With pip:

  pip install microtron


feedback and issues

future plans

see also

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