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Pocket Cheat Sheet Iterations

A list of the brainstorming and other iterations that have gone into the pocket-cheat-sheet. Most recent first.


@media SF 2007 pocket cheatsheet

511565282_2dee096da7.jpg Just before the @media SF 2007 conference, Erin Caton, Tantek Çelik, and Jeremy Keith got together in South Park to iterate on Erin's draft pocket cheat sheet and make tweaks/improvements.

Tantek and Erin went to Kinko's on Market street just West of 3rd street and had about 200 copies made which they subsequently folded with the help of several volunteers (check on the back side lower right corner for the initials of who folded your cheatsheet).

Note: printing the PDF at Kinko's proved to be problematic: PDF corrupted printout and PDF corrupted printout close up.

Thus we ended up having to render the PDF into a 300 dpi bitmap on the computer before sending it to the printer. The resolution of these cheatsheets may not be as good as they could have been had the PDF+printer combination worked.

Erin Caton draft pocket cheatsheet

Update: ErinCaton made a folding cheat sheet to similar specifications. Not sure if it's 100% correct, it needs to be looked at for needed revisions. Cheat sheet PDF.

original foldup cheatsheet thoughts

Extracted from Tantek's to-do list, the thinking, methodology, use cases, requirements, folding design, etc. that went into the pocket-cheat-sheet that Tantek wrote up as a result of his own thoughts and his discussions with Matthew Levine and Ryan King.

Help create a printable foldup cheatsheet of multiple microformats that:

  • prints onto both sides of a sheet of 8.5x11" paper (size chosen for US distribution, and because it folds nicely into 4ths sliced vertically, then 3rds sliced horizontally into a size approximating a business card, hoping to CC-by the whole thing so that others can do their own variants, perhaps for other paper sizes also)
  • accordion folds first into 1/4 size along 3 vertical creases, then 1/3 size along 2 horizontal creases
  • on each of the 8 vertical stripes (4 one side, 4 the other) of the sheet, info on each of the following microformats (it is assumed that hCard documentation will cover adr, and geo also).
  • each triple accordion fold section for a microformat should contain:
    • property summary with required/optional singular/plural sub-properties (similar to current cheat sheet) + illustrative code sample with common properties
    • list of properties, sub-properties with values and definitions of each
    • URLs to spec, examples, implementations for more info.

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