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microformats pocket cheat sheet feedback

Issues, feedback, suggested improvements for the microformats pocket cheat sheet.


  • Problems with the PDF: I was unable to copy or export the text content of the PDF using either Preview or Acrobat Professional 8. In the case of copying from Acrobat, I ended up with a bunch of garbled text; in the case of Preview, I ended up with an empty document. I'm working on creating a text-friendly version of this document. -- Chris Messina

Suggested Improvements

  1. Better SEO for cheat sheet resource URL
  2. At the bottom of the back page, add another line of text after the credits/copyright/licensing:
  3. Archival URLs for dated versions
  4. hAtom Properties section improvements
    • note "updated" is required unless implied by "published" property
    • use rel="enclosure" for attachments
  5. Provide an A4 version for European users
  6. Ensure that printing is black, not grey, with monochrome printers
  7. Include Geo
  8. If space allows, a postage stamp (1.5x1.5cm) 2d_barcodes graphic could be included.

See Also

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