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WordPress Themes

These themes integrate microformat functionality to WordPress, one of several microformats Microformats Implementations. For an ever-changing list of WordPress themes utilizing microformats, see themes tagged microformats on WordPress.org.

K2 Theme

Plaintxt.org Themes


  • PrimePress is SEO enhanced theme that implements microformats.



  • StartPoint is a theme for theme developers. A good start point to make your own WordPress themes. It supports multiple languages and widgets, contains the semantic hAtom microformat, and much more.


  • Strangelove is a modification of the default Wordpress theme (Kubrick) with built-in hAtom support.
    • Strangelove points to the hAtom2Atom proxy service as the link for syndication feeds.


  • Thematic is a development theme with hAtom, optimized for use with child themes and partially based on the Sandbox theme.