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(AKA internationalisation, i18n.)

What can we do, to make microformats more easily usable, by people who are not publishing in (US) English?


  • To encourage broader/better support of international content, modern internet and web standards strongly advocate the support of character sets such as UTF-8.
  • The vocabularies used in such standards in general use US English terms and spelling (ref: W3C, IETF) for elements, attributes, properties and values. For example (X)HTML is defined in US English (e.g "color", "center"). See en-us-faq for more on why this is actually good for internationalization.

The design of microformats follows both of these well-established practices of modern internet and web standards design.


  • ...

Resolved Issues


<abbr class="tel" title="+44 1233 456 7890">01233 456 7890</abbr>
  • Use the value-class-pattern for the type subproperty of the tel property when authoring in a language other than US English (which is used by the enumerated values of the type subproperty).

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