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Jaiku Syntax

Retrieved from the Using Jaiku from SMS and IM page.


Posting Jaikus

  • To your stream - just type a message, it will be added as your latest Jaiku
  • To a channel - start your message with "#channelname". Example: #jaikufans Hello everyone!

You can post to channels using the #channelname prefix also from other Jaiku interfaces, including the Web and desktop and mobile clients.


  • start - activates updates
  • stop - stops updates
  • help - returns help message
  • follow username / #channelname - adds the Jaiku member or channel to your contacts
  • leave username / #channelname - removes the Jaiku member or channel from your contacts
  • delete me - deletes your Jaiku account

The following synonyms are also supported: "on, wake" for start; "end, quit, off, unsubscribe, pause" for stop; "add, join, F" for follow; and "remove, L" for leave. The commands are not case sensitive.