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ANPA 1312

In the late 1970's, the NAA Newspaper Association of America standardized the seven bit news text transmission spec as ANPA 1312. It is still widely used in North and South America to transmit news from agencies to newspapers and web sites.

IPTC 7901

IPTC 7901

In the early 1980's, IPTC published the IPTC 7901 "Recommended Text Transmission Format" IPTC 7901 1995 Spec in PDF. IPTC 7901 is based on NAA's ANPA format, although it has better support for internationalization of text.


NITF is the IPTC's News Industry Text Format. This widely-used format defines the content and structure of news text articles using XML DTD and Schema. It allows for a rich set of metadata to be supplied about a news article, both in the envelope and embedded in the text.


NewsML 1 NewsML-G2

IPTC's NewsML is XML markup for specifying the structure and relationship metadata for the exchange of news items. IPTC continues to maintain both the original NewsML 1 and NewsML-G2, the latest version of NewsML, which is part of the family of G2 standards IPTC G2 Standards

XML News

XML News

XMLNews consists of two specifications - XMLNews-Story (a news text format, based in part on IPTC's NITF) and XMLNews-Meta (a format for news metadata format, which leverages W3C's RDF W3C RDF). Various news providers and aggregators have used XMLNews, although the specifications are no longer actively maintained.


Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata

PRISM is a set of XML metadata standards originally created by a consortium of magazine publishers. The standard is now managed by IDEAlliance [1]. The format can be expressed in either XML or RDF and it leverages standard vocabularies and date type formats, including some from Dublin Core and ISO.