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Operator phone tests

Operator has a "Send to Bluetooth device" option that uses the Bluetooth File Exchange functionality of OS X (and similarly in Windows?) to send hCards and hCalendar events to mobile devices - cell phones, PDAs etc.

This page lists tests and results for different devices.

How to test your device

Use Operator to try to add hCards or hCalendar events to your handset over Bluetooth, then add it to the wiki to say whether it passed or failed.

The "Send to Bluetooth device" script and other user scripts can be downloaded from http://www.kaply.com/weblog/operator-user-scripts/

Launch Firefox, click the Operator icon and choose "Options". Under the "User Scripts" tab, you can now add any scripts you've downloaded. Then under "Actions", click "New" and select any actions you want, like "Send to Bluetooth device."

Device compatibility

Motorola V3 ('RAZR')

The V3 RAZR does not support the vCard 3.0 implementation oused in Operator and X2V but requires vCard 2.1. If one uses vCard 2.1, it seems to work fine. The RAZR does not support being sent hCalendar events using Operator.

Palm T|X PDA

The T|X does not support hCard or hCalendar import through Bluetooth.

Samsung Eternity

Transfer of hCards via Operator to Bluetooth on Eternity works great (tested http://suda.co.uk/contact/). Also tested transfer back and forth between Address Book (OS X) and the phone. Eternity supports vCard 3.0 and transfers majority of fields correctly. Eternity doesn't support some less common fields available in the Address Book such as department but first, last names, multiple phone numbers, address, email, birthday, company, job title, and nickname work well. URL field is spotty and depends on the presence of "http://" it seems.

Pushing a calendar event via Operator to Eternity did not work. (tested http://2008.dconstruct.org/schedule/).

Samsung T629

The .vcf file will be pushed to the phone via bluetooth and accepted, but fields do not get transferred properly. Email field is transferred okay, but name gets replaced by the title of the webpage and phone field is lost. This was tested from a webpage with multiple hCard microformats present.

Manually pushing .vcf files to T629 reveals that it does not support vCard 3.0 (fields dropped and shifted) but vCard 2.1 files seem to work fine.

Sony Ericsson W810i

The W810i supports both vCard 3.0 and vCard 2.1, but does not transfer the 'fn' field properly. It has also choked on some of the 'type' data it has seen in the wild.

The W810i did not want to add an hCalendar event from the past. I tested it with this event and it said "Cannot add appointment", but I did already have it in another calendar. I tried another event and got the same result. It seems the W810i does not support "Send to Bluetooth device" for hCalendar.

Sony Ericsson K600i

Exporting hCards (from, for example, http://suda.co.uk/contact/ ) works like a charm. When I tried to add events from http://2008.dconstruct.org/schedule/ the phone reported "Cannot add appointment." It looks like "Send to Bluetooth device" works for hCard but doesn't work for hCalendar on this phone.


Jeremy Keith has demonstrated the "bluetooth an hCard to your phone" functionality using the Tails plugin (which has yet to be updated to work with Firefox 3 unfortunately). Here is a video he made demonstrating this:


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