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This page is for documenting the capabilities and limitations of the PBWorks.com wiki host.

Element Support

In general, HTML elements are supported in Source edit mode. Exceptions are noted below.

Element Nonsupport

The following elements are not supported in PBWorks, that is if you add them (e.g. in Source edit mode), they will be removed upon saving the page.


The <data> element is not supported in PBWorks - use an abbr element with the title attribute instead.

E.g. instead of:

<data class="p-rsvp" value="yes">going</data>


<abbr class="p-rsvp" title="yes">going</abbr>


The <time> element is not supported in PBWorks - use the value class pattern for date and time values e.g.

<span class="dt-start dtstart">
 <span class="value">2013-09-28</span>
 <span class="value">12pm</span>

or to only show a visible time (e.g. on a page of sessions all on the same day).

<span class="dt-start dtstart">
 <abbr class="value" title="2013-09-28"></abbr>
 <span class="value">12pm</span>

Real-world examples in the wild:

Note: in the second code sample we're using an empty <abbr> element for the date, which either won't be display (or read), or if a screenreader does read out the title attribute, it will be a human understandable iso-date.

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