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Rel-Home Issues

Rel-Home of Rel-Index

The HTML link Types document does not explicitly list 'home' as a value, but it does list 'index'

INDEX is defined as: Refers to a document providing an index for the current document.

Rel-Home has slightly different semantics than INDEX, but sometime both are equivalent, in which case, should you use BOTH, or just INDEX?

-Should "start" not be used instead?

un-recommended W3C home value

The W3C has a document which is pre-HTML4.0, it is Proposed REL values. Home is in this list, but did NOT make it into the final specification. The only note on why is this:

HOME: RESERVED. Defined by the user (using the WWW_HOME environment variable). This relationship may not be overridden; HTML user agents should ignore any author-supplied REL=HOME setting.

I'm [unsigned] not sure how/is any implementation us or honor this, but it is something to be aware of. The W3C was going to add it to the spec, but thought against it for some reason.

Absolute URLs

Why is it recommended that an absolute path is used? I [unsigned] had thought the current recommendation was to use relative pathnames to local documents?


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