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Proposed by John Foliot in a comment on Bruce Lawson's blog.


The longdesc microformat, as described in W3 bug 10434

Bug 10434 against HTML5, describes how rel="longdesc" could be used to improve the advice found in WCAG 2.0’s Technique G73. Hopefully the ideas expressed in that bug, will be taken into this microformat.

Here is a summary of what that bug says: rel="longdesc" allows authors to not only use adjacent links as description links (adjacent links are the only links which WCAG20/G73 suggests being used as description links). rel="longdesc", in contrast, would permit authors to also use all other link kinds: image maps, placing a link in the fallback of an object element or even — voila! — permit authors to wrap the embedded object in a link. (Can you believe it: WCAG 2.0 does not seem to mention that one can wrap the embedded object in a link element!) With a rel="longdesc" link, one should not even need to use 1 pixel wide images as a way to hide description links (yes, hiding links in "a small image" is in fact something which G73 suggestes.)

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