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Swaggle Syntax

Retrieved from the Swaggle SMS page.

Send these commands to (206) 694-9197 and interact with Swaggle on your mobile phone.


Joining Swaggle

  • .join your_group_name or .create your_group_name

Sending messages

The first group you join is your default group. Any message you send to Swaggle that isn't a command (like ".join"), we'll assume was meant for your default group, so we'll send it to out to them.

Of course, you can be a member of more than one group, so you can specify which group you want to send a message to by starting your message with the group's name followed by a colon:

  • mygroup: Happy hour now at McPhee's

Basic commands

  • <group>: <message>: Sends a message to everyone in a particular group (e.g., "ultimate: game at Cal Anderson NOW!").
  • <name>: <message>: Sends a message to another Swaggle user (e.g., "JohnS: I like you!").
  • .JOIN <group>: Adds you to a group.
  • .QUIT <group>: Removes you from a group.
  • .QUIT Removes you from the Swaggle service entirely.

Advanced Commands

  • .CREATE <group>: Creates a new group and adds you to it.
    • Include the keyword "private" to create a private group: .CREATE ultimate private
    • Include keyword "broadcast" to create a broadcast-only group: ".CREATE flashmob broadcast".
  • .INVITE <group> <one or more 10 digit phone numbers and/or names>: Invites people to join the group.
    • If the group is private and you are a member, this pre-authorizes the invitee(s) to join. Swaggle names can be used in addition to phone numbers: ".INVITE flashmob 2065551234 2064441234 karlc"
  • .HUSH: Mutes Swaggle until 8 am the next morning (Pacific Time)Messages sent to your groups during this time will not be delivered to you at all. You can also specify a particular day to hush until by sending .HUSH September 1 or .HUSH 9/1/07. To start receiving messages again send .HUSH off.
  • .DEFAULT <group>: This will set your default group.
  • .DEFAULT: Find out what your default group is.
  • .NAME <name>: Sets your Swaggle name (e.g., ".NAME Michelle")
  • .ECHO <ON / OFF>: Sets whether you will receive copies of messages you send. On by default.
  • .REPORTER <group> <name>: Designates the person named as a "reporter" for a broadcast-only group, meaning they can send messages to the full group. Only an owner can designate a reporter: ".REPORTER newsevents WalterC"
  • .BOOT <group> <name>: Removes the person named from the group named. Only an owner may boot members from a group.
  • .PWD <newpassword>: Resets your Swaggle web site password.

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