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Transport for London

Transport for London (TfL) offre une gamme de services via SMS qui permet aux voyageurs de demander de l'information à propos des voyages etc. en offrant des commandes simples.


Demande d'Information

  • tfl - Sending "tfl" to 60835 requests a WAP link for available services.
  • tubemap - Requests the London Underground tube map (on certain handsets only)
  • A to B - Sending A to B to 60835 requests the next available method of travelling from point A to point B (i.e. "Charing Cross to Liverpool Street Station"). A/B can be a station or a place.
  • Home - Sending "Home" requests a listing of registered taxi firm numbers (see TfL Cab Wise).
  • tube Line - Sending tube Line (i.e. "tube Piccadilly") requests status updates on a given tube line.

Ressources Externes

Mobile Internet and Services for Transport for London

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