Month: July 2005

Greasemonkey and Microformats

George recently wrote and released:

…a Greasemonkey user script that will find those hCalendar events and provide a link to import them into any calendar program that supports the iCalendar format… any time you see an event on the web that has hCalendar information, you can click a link and it’ll be added to your calendar so you don’t have to copy the information by hand.

Nicely done George. Next up, who is going to write a Greasemonkey user script (or extend George’s) to detect hCards and provide links to import them into any address book program that supports the vCard format?

Update: George himself has written it. See his updated blogpost to get it.


Flickr and Microformats

microforats magnifying glass

In the picture to the right, Stewart Butterfield of Flickr/Ludicorp/Yahoo is holding up a magnifying glass over a (name)tag that says “Sexy!”.Apparently, the nametag says “Stewart,” not “Sexy.” I swear there was a nametag around that said “Sexy,” and I swear I saw Stewart with it in his hands. Of course, I did have a few beers before that point. :)

Perhaps Flickr will even support microformats?