Master Foo’s Taxation Theory of Microformats

Sean McGrath has written an entertaining, enlightening piece, musing about the economic arguments for microformats. Go read Master Foo’s Taxation Theory of Microformats, but first, a preview:

“History has shown that the only way to reduce information processing complexity to zero is for applications on the value chain to have build-it knowledge of the information formats they work with. XML, RDF, UML and so on are not formats so much as meta-formats. Consequently, built-in knowledge of any of these does not amount to zero complexity. XML is not a file format. It is a file format for file formats. This distinction is all important when calculating complexity.

One Response to “Master Foo’s Taxation Theory of Microformats”

  1. Ivan Kolarov :

    Greatly written article… loved it! Long live Microformats!

    June 3rd, 2006 at 7:15 am