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On 12/6/05, Bill Humphries <whump at mac.com> wrote:
> On Dec 6, 2005, at 1:27 AM, Charles Iliya Krempeaux wrote:
> > Thought I'd do some thinking out load about possibilities for a show
> > microformat.
> >
> > What is a show?  Think TV show.  Although it doesn't have to be a
> > TV show.
> When you mentioned that, I had an orthogonal conception of the problem.
> Consider the case of the person writing about their favorite show,
> Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in their blog. Bloggers and Whedon: two
> things that go together, eh?

Yeah, I like Whedon's shows too :-)

>  > Last night's Buffy episode was silly.
> I'd like to find all the shows my friends are watching/writing about,
> so I can build things from it, or tell tools "go and buy these
> episodes of these shows from the Apricot You Tunes Music Store."

This is an area I've been working on too.  (Although it wasn't
something I tried to address in this thread.  Trying to do this in
steps :-)  But I'm happy to broaden the discussion.)

Specifically I thought about finding out what my friends, family,
neighbor, people who's opinion matter to me, etc are watching, and
using that find stuff I might like to watch too.  I wrote about it a
bit here:


(Although the article addresses the larger topic of "trust metrics"
and isn't specifically about "Internet TV".)  This becomes especially
powerful (for all parties involved) when people do "auto subscribing"
via this to series, channels, etc.

(I won't try to enumerating all the problems "Internet Television"
present.  This message would get just to huge, but) one of the
solutions for "Internet Television" is advertising what you watch.

If you look at my weblog -- http://changelog.ca/ -- you can see a
couple XOXO lists where I list (some of) the shows I watch, and (some
of) the channels I watch.  ("shows" and "channels" are concepts I've
found are important when dealing with "Internet TV".)  Each is an XOXO
list, with some other (semantic) class names used.  (These extra class
names may or may not change in the future.)

Things like this will become important as more and more "shows" and
"channels" get syndicated on the web.  I.e., Internet TV, IPTV,
NewTube, broadcatching, vcasting, vidcasting, vodcasting, or whatever
you want to call it.  (This syndication can take place via RSS/Atom. 
Or via hAtom and the Microformat I've been trying to discuss in this

Of course, what you discuss next is a little different than this, but
is very important too.

> Now there's not an existing XML format to my knowledge for us to work
> from. So I have to make some assumptions.
> 1. This is a recurring TV series our blogger's writing about.
> 2. It's in its N season.
> 3. This is episode X of the current season.
> Observing fan and academic writers online, I often see them refer to
> episodes of a TV show using:
> BtVS 1.12 "Prophesy Girl"
> That is: Episode twelve of season one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
> entitled "Prophesy Girl".
> Okay:
> <cite>BtVS1.12 "Prophesy Girl"</cite>
> Feh, it tells me it a cite, but there's only unicode inside.
> Better:
> <cite class="htv">BtVS 1.12 "Prophesy Girl"</cite>
> Okay, it's a show using the htv µ format.
> Ah:
> <cite class="htv"><span class="series"><abbr title="Buffy the Vampire
> Slayer">BtVS</abbr></span> <span class="season">1</span>.<span
> class="episode">12</span> <span class="title">Prophesy Girl</span></
> cite>
> in the CSS we'll throw in a rule to put quotes around the episode title.

I think that all shows, episodes, series, and channels will (in the
near future) have URLs associated with them.  So, I think it is
important to work that concept in there too.  (Actually, I can
guarantee you that at least some of them will.)

I.e, there's a URL for the series/show.  And there's a URL for each
episode.  (Channels are will have URLs too.)

Also, the person giving the review might want to make a buck if
someone follows the "link" they provide to the show, series, channel,
etc, and pays some money to watch it.  So you may want to work that
concept in there too.  (And this "link" should be able to be expressed
as an HTTP POST and not just an HTTP GET,... so both <a> and <form>
should be supported for it.)

Also, you may want to see what people are currently doing out there. 
And make sure what you propose can be nicely applied to that too.

> So what do we have so far:
> htv
>         series, required        name of series
>                 name of series
>                 or      abbr with title attribute set to name of series
>         season, optional        number indicating season
>                 episode, optional       number indicating order of airing
>                 [ headaches when we talk about Firefly that has a different
> canonical order than the airing order ]
>         title, optional         title of episode
> I'll run this past some media fan and academic friends to get their
> impression.
> If there's interest, I'll write it up for the bestiary.

I'm definitely interested.  And it's a part of "Internet TV" that I
haven't put much thought into yet.

See ya

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