[uf-discuss] Ics import in Outlook

Webb, Geoffrey Lawrence webbg at wsu.edu
Fri Dec 9 11:38:30 PST 2005

Thanks for the response Brian.  I'm very thankful for the service you
are providing.

I found the problem.  Outlook is expecting the vevent component to have
UID and DTSTAMP parameters.  I took a look at RFC2445 and I think I
found a conflict. Where the UID and DTSTAMP parameters are described the
rfc says 
"Conformance: This property MUST be included in the "VEVENT", "VTODO",
   "VJOURNAL" or "VFREEBUSY" calendar components".

However, the format definition starting on page 51, seems to indicate
that the UID and DTSTAMP parameters are optional.

So, does the XSLT file need to be changed or do I need to author these
parameters into my hCalendar markup?

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Webb, Geoffrey Lawrence wrote:

> I have been using the service at suda.co.uk to harvest hCalendar 
> events from my web pages. However, Outlook 2003 won't import the 
> resulting file. If I change the version to 1.0, everything works fine.

> Outlook itself produces 2.0 ics files, so in a logical world Outlook 
> should be able to import 2.0 files. Has anyone dealt with this problem
> Just changing the version the stylesheet produces feels very kludgy

hCard has kept a list of different applications, versions and their
import/export problems[1]. Feel free to start an iCal page[2] and
document your finds with your OS version, application version etc.  This
will help other replicate and fix the problems.

[1] - http://microformats.org/wiki/vcard-implementations
[2] - http://microformats.org/wiki/ical-implementations

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